Glaze X150 recipe and notes
23rd Feb 2021
Glaze XA8 recipe and notes
2nd Mar 2021

Glaze X148 recipe and notes


All ingredients are available in South Africa.

Please view all images to see this glaze on 4 different clay bodies and at 2 different firing temperatures

When buying the materials in 1kg quantities, the kg price of this recipe is around R60-R70.

You can mix about 1,5l of brush-on glaze from this amount.

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Please note that this recipe is for South African clients only (some ingredients are not available elsewhere)

Included in your purchase you will receive the following:

  • The glaze recipe for Glaze X148
  • A support video, demonstrating:
    • how to mix and prepare your glaze
    • how you can make a brush-on glaze from it (at a fraction of the cost of the ready-made brush on glazes available)
    • how to quickly and easily clean the bottoms of your work without using wax
  • Also included are detailed images, videos and descriptions of how this glaze fires on 4 different clay bodies (white stoneware, buff stoneware, red earthenware and black earthenware)
  • Result show the glaze at tested at cone 3 (+-1160 degrees Celsius) and cone 6 (+-1210 degrees Celsius)
  • Supplier list and prices of where to purchase materials