400ml Tumbler with slanted vertical indented dot lines on light body, Stormy Sea Glaze
29th June 2020
180ml Double walled mug One Of A Kind
8th September 2020

180ml Double walled mug One Of A Kind


This item is one of a kind. It was on the inside of this mug that I first tried the glaze combination that resulted in my now standard range the Stormy Sea Glaze.

Weight: 185g

Dimensions:  90mm x 80mm

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All Woven Ceramic items are made from slip cast porcelain.

The Woven Ceramic double walled mugs are handle-less mugs that will not burn your hands. Two thin porcelain vessels are joined in such a way that the bottom part stays at a comfortable temperature to touch while the top lip provides a thin and delicate drinking rim.

The unglazed bottom part of the vessel is sanded after the bisque and glaze firings and feels silky smooth to the touch.

All double walled vessels have a small pin prick breathing hole on the side. This is essential to allow air to escape while the item heats up or cool downs.

Caring instruction: All Woven Ceramic items are safe to put in the dishwasher and for microwave use. If you prefer to wash by hand take care not to let the vessel cool down while submerged in water. This will allow water to be sucked in by the tiny breath hole. If this does occur turn the item that the hole is the lowest point and pour boiling water over. The expanding air in the cavity will force the water out.

Weight 185 g